A buddy book

Design work experience buddy book
A book you can give to work experience students to help them through the week – just like a member of staff standing next to them all week, only better!

This book is supplied as an InDesign file so you can customise it for your studio.

  • templates to describe your studio and introduce your team.
  • an outline of the legal stuff
  • a list of expectations for the students
  • an outline of a student's responsibilities
  • hints for the student to get them through the week.

Price: $27.50 inc gst
The book will be supplied as a zipped file.
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The interview

Design work experience should be a complete experience for all involved. This means the student should make contact via email and/or telephone to request an interview for work experience. Ask them if they have used this site to prepare themselves.

Allocate a time for the interview and tell the student that the interview will be a maximum of 30 minutes. Ask them to bring their folio of student work. Tell them that they only need four examples of their work and some of their preliminary work. If they don't have four pieces ask them to bring an advertisement/book cover/packaging/web site example where they have annotated it to show why they think it is good design.

Do your best to make the student feel at ease when they come for the interview. This may be the first time they have been to an interview. They will know that work experience places are very hard to get and this will make them more nervous.

Here's a few thoughts on the interview:
  1. show them through the studio quickly and then sit down to look at their folio
  2. allow them to present it so that they can practice their communication skills 
  3. if they falter ask them about the work
  4. ask about their research and how they applied it
  5. ask them why they think it is good design
  6. always remain positive and encouraging about their work
  7. don't expect the work to be high standard design, it is more about their process
  8. after the interview tell them what your decision-making process will be

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