Design work experience student workbook

A 20 page workbook to help students complete work experience in a design studio.


How work experience works
How to organise your studio contacts
Suggested interview questions
Help write a design brief
Achievements checklist to record outcomes

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It's not easy to get work experience in a design studio.

The majority of Australian design studios are micro businesses which means they have less than three employees. It makes it a big ask for them to give up billable hours to take on work experience students. This means that when you are looking for design work experience you need to show a high level of interest in, and enthusiasm about, design. We have built this site to help prepare you for this experience.

This section gives you background on the design industry. It is text heavy, we are deliberate about this. Good designers need to have excellent communication skills. This includes, reading, writing and verbal skills.

While students starting work experience are a long way from being a professional designer you can start the process by developing good comprehension skills.

The design work experience student workbook is an excellent way to prepare yourself for work experience.

It is a personalised 20 page book aimed at helping you make contact with design studios and then giving you a means to record your work experience.

The book:

  • outline the benefits of work experience in a design studio
  • offers advice on contacting studios
  • gives you a means to record your list of studios to contact
  • includes worksheets that you fill in before, during and after your work experience
  • includes a worksheet to guide you through the process of getting to understand the studio once you have gained placement
  • includes a timesheet/diary to write observations about the experience.
  • outlines the process of collecting a brief based on work being done in the studio, and
  • includes an achievement worksheet to help you summarise what you achieved from the work experience.