Design work experience student workbook

A 20 page workbook to help students complete work experience in a design studio.


How work experience works
How to organise your studio contacts
Suggested interview questions
Help write a design brief
Achievements checklist to record outcomes

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Typical design brief

As a parent you can help your child with their assignments by understanding what is required in a design brief and how a student designer should approach a brief.

All design briefs have some common elements. Below are the elements that would be needed in a brief for a corporate brochure.

Design brief elements

Name of the company that is preparing the brief

The date the brief is released

Contact person
Who is responsible for the brief and who will make the decisions

What does their business/organisation do?
What is their core business. Is your design a product or service that you are helping your client sell?

What is their industry sector?

Are they in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, airlines, beer wine and spirits, financial services, household and consumer products, government, food, industrial and manufacturing, retail, sports and entertainment, technology and communications, telecommunications and mobility, tourism and hospitality, restaurants, government, real estate and development or beverages.

How long they have been in business?
Are they new kids on the block or experienced players in their field. This could impact their brand positioning. Does your client want to be perceived as a trusted experienced brand, or a young upstart?

Who is their primary target audience?
Start with age, sex, income, occupation and location. Try to go beyond customer status and demographics—attempt to paint a relevant and evocative picture of their lifestyle or business. Does your client want to appeal to an existing target audience or are your clients targeting a new  audience?

What does their primary target audience currently think about your product/service?
Have they communicated to the target audience before? How do they perceive you client's service or product?

What do you want them to think after the communication?
Does your client want the audience to change the way they think about them?

What does your client want the consumer to do?
If more than one, split into primary and secondary actions — but note you can only have one primary objective.

How should the design speak to them?
What tone of voice should the communication have?

Are there any mandatory aspects?
Logo, typeface(s). Colours. Positioning statement. Is there an existing style guide?

What type of presentation is required?
What do we need to deliver? (for example, brochure, leaflet, insert, etc. And to what level of finish? Very rough, full colour finished mock-up, subheads, copy outline or full copy?

Selection criteria
How will the design be selected? Who will make the decisions?

When is the finished product needed?
Timing and destination of delivery

What are the restrictions?
Budget, colours, shapes, paper sizes.

Is there any more background your client can give you?
Can the client supply any more details about the job. Attach these. Do they have any samples of what their competitors are doing? Keep it brief.

The project description
• objective
• key words, concepts
• similar projects, previous project analysis
• audience

Services required
Design, artwork, illustration, photography, print, project management

How will the brochure be delivered? Mailed? Point of Sale?

What exactly does the client want delivered?

What stages are be delivered and when?

Breakdown of budgets for creative and production (ie printing)

Who owns copyright on the finished work?

Production specifications
Type of paper  – coated, uncoated, recycled, FSC, weight gsm
Ink - 4 colour process, Pantone Matching System (PMS) colour?
Embellishment - emboss, deboss
Coatings - UV, varnish, cellosheen
Binding - saddle stitch, burst bound
Packing - box sizes, weights
Delivery address