Design work experience student workbook

A 20 page workbook to help students complete work experience in a design studio.


How work experience works
How to organise your studio contacts
Suggested interview questions
Help write a design brief
Achievements checklist to record outcomes

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Interview techniques

The basics

When a studio owner looks at a folio they are looking at whether the designer will fit into the studio; whether they will listen, take direction and learn. When a designer is being interviewed, they are selling themselves and their ability to fit in.

This also applies to the student who is seeking work experience. The studio owner is also looking to see if they will gain from the experience. A portfolio is a method that allows the student to talk about their understanding of design, show their communication skills and their willingness to learn.

Time is money in a design studio. When a studio takes on a work experience student they know it will take up their time and that will cost money. You should understand this and prepare yourself so you don't waste any time.

You can help prepare your son or daughter by doing a mock interview. Conduct this as a full role play. Knock on the door, enter, introduce yourself and shake hands. They should present a hard copy of their resume and then go through their folio. They should have some follow up questions about working in the studio. Time the presentation to fit in with the time that the studio has allocated.

The interview is about storytelling. Good designers learn how to weave good stories early in their career. Help your son or daughter prepare for the interview by having them tell the story behind their work. Recap the brief or assignment, explain how they met the objective and highlight anything unique about the process they used.

Before attending the interview make sure they have read the section on Interview techniques in the student section.